Year: 2017

Materials: oil, cotton canvas, wood frame

Size: 302 x 202 cm

Edition: unique

Series: Manifesto




The painting started from the idea of ​​making a contemporary reproduction after Paul Cezane's painting, The Card Player. After the painting was made in proportion of 30%, the artist was not convinced that this would be the final idea and decided to pause this project. After a period of several months, Vladinsky returned to this painting by introducing a new sketch over what was already done, namely the sketch of a young woman lying on a sofa, leaving from the first attempt only the silhouettes on the left that were later associated as the young woman's parents. . The picture is very descriptive by the association of text but also very complex by the simplicity of the color combinations. The message of this painting can associate feelings of shame with the desire to touch given by the thick layers of paint that stand out. Let's all do VIDEOCHAT! it is about the modern society in which certain people choose a form of prostitution not necessarily by displaying the body but by lowering the system of values ​​and principles.

Let's all do VIDEOCHAT!