A selection of available works


29 APRIL - 29 MAY 2021

London-based contemporary art gallery HOFA, in collaboration with sister digital art investments platform, ARTCELS, announce a new series of limited-edition crypto-artworks for 2021 created by established and emerging contemporary artists in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).  


Matter & Form exhibition will showcase art works alongside NFTs by emerging artists such as Jan Kaláb, Jason SimsKatya ZverevaLoribelle SpirovskiBran SymondsonMary Ronayne, Noman, Aleksandr P and  Vladinsky.  


I believe that we, as artists, have chosen a different path, a path separate from the one chosen by the whole society. By choosing this path, understanding the haste in which humanity finds itself, we have the power to stop and observe. Observing this haste and the speed with which it unfolds, we actually understand the speed with which the life we ​​choose to live is consumed. #Observer is in fact the mirror of society and more precisely the mirror only of those who have the power to stop in this hurry and observe the beauty of life.